Eco Holiday in Spain


When I got back from my last holiday to Spain, friends were a little surprised when I told them where I’d been. Many of them had last gone to Spain as kids, enjoying family holidays on the beaches of the Costa Blanca, playing in arcades and walking the concrete promenades eating fish and chips. Some […]

Kitesurfing in Tarifa


Take it from me: if you are looking for a holiday destination that won’t break the bank, is convenient to get to, and has decent weather all-year-round, Andalusia (southern Spain) could be your kind of place. I’ve travelled around this region as a kid, because my parents loved to spend the summer holidays at some […]

Surfing in San Sebastian


San Sebastian had been on my travel bucket list for years. I found out about this Basque town through one of my clients, a French surfer who’s been going to San Sebastian every year because he simply can’t get enough of it. I’ve been to Biarritz before (a French town that is considered one of […]

A Weekend Away in Riga, Latvia


If you are as passionate about travel as I am, I am sure that you’ll be looking for any excuse to get away from the daily routine and to explore a new destination. The very thought of packing a carry-on and heading to the airport is enough to get me through the week, and it’s […]

A Budget trip to Wroclaw, Poland


As an avid traveller, you have probably come across the conundrum “when I have time to travel I don’t have money, and when I do have money I don’t have the time”. Sounds familiar? It does to me! The solution is to become an expert in budget travel. If you go online, you will find […]

Holiday in Moldova


I’ve been to most of Eastern Europe and I’ve always enjoyed the food and the culture tremendously. But last month I came across an interesting discovery when looking at a map and trying to pick my next holiday destination in Eastern Europe. What is this tiny country nestled between Romania and Ukraine? It’s the Republic […]

Staying in a Cave in Andalucia, Spain


When a friend said she’d had a great time staying in a cave in Andalucía and suggested that I try it too, my first thought was ‘does she not know me at all?’ I have never enjoyed roughing it and left my one and only camping trip after just one night suffering discomfort under the […]

A trip to Cluj, Romania


The fact that Eastern European countries are among some of the continent’s most up-and-coming tourist destinations is barely a secret anymore. This is one of Europe’s most culturally interesting regions and there are still plenty of hidden gems to discover. Eastern Europe is also great if you aren’t into architecture or museums: the food is […]

A week in Ferragudo, Portugal


A week in Ferragudo, Portugal What would you do with a whole week off work? In my case, I don’t even have to think about it: travel somewhere nice and warm. I have to admit that I have a soft spot for Portugal. Why? It’s kind of hard to explain, but it has to do […]

A Long Weekend in Montenegro


It was almost a month ago that I was sitting at my favourite coffee shop, waiting for a friend and trying to come up with a plan for the August Bank Holiday weekend. I usually tend to go for a short beach break at this time of the year, but being the avid traveller that […]